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If you have any questions about the harp program or other federal programs to help people refinance their mortgage, contact us at or make a comment on the proper post accessing our site at

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  1. Elizabeth Y Anderson says:

    Is the HAMP program still in existance? I was told it expired 12/2012!! Also If it is still in existance, can you apply to another mtg company than your current one? I have a credit score of 772. I no longer work due to illnesses and my prev. husbsnd passed away 10/23/2008 further reducing my income. I am current but can’t continue with my present payment. My int. rate is 6.25. and I have to get my mtg payment lowered greatly so I won”t lose my home. Thanks for an early reply. Liz Anderson

    • admin says:

      Yes these Hamp and other governmental programs still exist. It’s best to contact your lender about your specific situation.

  2. Annette Waller says:

    Do you refi commercial with about $200, 000.00 equity?

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